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Better Off With You

Casual Contributor

Voluntary versus Involuntary admission to mental ward

Hi all,

I am very new to this website and I would just like to say high to everyone.

I am struggling with a mental disorder for many years now, sometimes I do better than other times and in bad times my reaction does end me up in hospital. I am so great full of the support that is available to us. I have had suicide attempts, one that was well and truly final as I was in remote part of Australia and when I was found flying doctors took me to hospital 500km away.

I just returned from hospital after something stupid I did, and was taken in by police and ambulance. In previous admissions I mostly came in as a voluntary patient and that still means that the mental ward can not release you if you are at risk to yourself or others, but still if you can explain yourself clearly and show you have right intentions you can get discharged. 
This time however was different and I was brought in to my usual hospital as a involuntary admission. The staff were incredibly understanding, a few remembering me as I was a frequent visitor in past. Strangely it was comforting to be called by my first name and everyone was so friendly. I dare say I have done well in last 9 months, but I had a slip....hence I ended up in emergency.

My point is that in the end I only spent a coup,e of days in a emergency Psychiatric ward while I was examined and they saw hope in my and work I have done in last several months. They discharged me, so I did not need to go to tribunal to get out and for those who know or have seen the process it can take many weeks.

Dont give up if you are involuntary taken to a mental health care u it. Examine why you got there and what changes you will take to try to make sure it won't happen again. The people are not there to keep you, they care for you and att the end of the day, they don't want you to succeed if your inner voice tells you that you are not worth this life. They are there to help, of that I am sure.


Re: Voluntary versus Involuntary admission to mental ward

@Triumph  Hi Triumph and welcome to the forums Smiley Happy. I am really happy that you have had such positive interactions with staff etc. at hospital regarding your involuntary stay. Unfortuntely mine and my son2's were not so. Long drawn out days suffering along with other aggressive, drugged out clients with nurses and doctors I would prefer to forget.  There is no way I am going back to hospital come way may..greenpeax


Re: Voluntary versus Involuntary admission to mental ward

Hi Greenpeace,

I am sorry to hear that. I have actually heard some terrible stories too. I am just very lucky to have a good hospital nearby that has a new and modern mental health ward which I have been admitted to on many occasions. Because I know the process and the facilities there, I don't have anxiety over being admitted there.

Still it's horrible to hear your story. It is important to get help if things go badly, so I do hope you never need to go to your particular unit. Take care....


Re: Voluntary versus Involuntary admission to mental ward

Hi @Triumph welcome!

Hope you find the forum helpful.

I really like it because people are really honest about what they're going through, and accepting of others.

It was good to hear of your experiences and I'm happy that you have support.

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