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What Do I do to help the Feelings of Guilt?


Guilt is an emotion that relates to a person’s sense of right and wrong. Most people experience guilt after making a mistake or doing something they regret.

The effects of guilt are often uncomfortable.

They might include sadness, sorrow, or physical discomfort.

It’s not uncommon for people to be angry or frustrated with themselves. But these effects can guide people toward change

There are a few different feelings of guilt

Talking over what happened with a trusted friend or loved one can help reduce guilt. Owning up to a mistake and apologizing may be enough to ease guilty feelings, in some cases.

‘what tips, tricks or thoughts do people have on what do I do to help the feelings of guilt



Re: What Do I do to help the Feelings of Guilt?

Hey @Shaz51 

Sometimes guilt stems from situations where although you did the best you could at the time, things go badly. I agree that talking with a trusted (and hopefully non-judgemental) person can help. Sometimes they can understand if they have had a comparable experience. Regardless, I find that it helps to know that there are other people out there who have done similar things and felt a similar way. 

It's not easy but when I can I try and focus on the present and if there's anything I can do to make amends; and if not trying to do my best in the now.


Re: What Do I do to help the Feelings of Guilt?

@frog ,, yes and there are different feelings of guilt

I have been in the situations many times  where I have thought I have done nothing wrong  and yet I am left to feel guilty 

@CheerBear ,  @Lauz @


Re: What Do I do to help the Feelings of Guilt?

Guilt is a big one for me @Shaz51 and @frog, along with shame. They can both be quite consuming at times and trip me up often.

Owning up to mistakes and apologising can help as you both mentioned. I agree that talking about it and realising that others are likely to have experienced similar things and feelings can also help.

Perhaps what I find most helpful when it comes to guilt is to try to use the experience as an opportunity for learning and growth. Some of my most significant realisations or developments have come from some huge guilt-filled experiences. Often tough times highlight my values and what is important to me (if I allow myself to sit with the discomfort that self-reflection can cause!). From there I can go forward trying to make different choices and do better next time (that's the idea anyway haha!).

Re: What Do I do to help the Feelings of Guilt?

Hi all. I definitely find shame a much heavier thing to contend with. Just this sense of embaressment when I have a depressive episode. I remind myself that it is a journey and self forgivenesss is a really important bit of regaining strength


Re: What Do I do to help the Feelings of Guilt?

Yep, Guilt is a Biggie (very Big) - especially for trauma survivors, like me with Complex Trauma/ Complex PTSD. @Shaz51 

It's usually disproportionate guilt, or inappropriate guilt -

When in fact someone else did the wrong thing (not me), & I actually have nothing (or very little) to feel guilty about.

This type of guilt comes from past experiences - but is felt or triggered in the present (right now), by current events or experiences that may seem similar to past stuff.

It's very hard to deal with.

Yes definitely need to do more work on "What to Do to Help Guilt feelings"....


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